Chatham County
Tax Commissioner
222 W. Oglethorpe Ave, Suite 107, P.O. Box 117037
Atlanta, Georgia 30368-7037
Telephone:(912) 652-7100
Fax:(912) 652-7101
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How do I find my tax bill?

Click the "Tax Bill Search" link to the left. Then you can search for your tax bill by bill number, owner name, or parcel number.

Tax Commissioner’s Office:
222 W. Oglethorpe Ave, Suite 107
Savannah, Georgia 31401
(No mail received at this address)
Payment Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 117037
Atlanta, Georgia 30368-7037

Welcome to the Chatham County County Tax Commissioner’s property tax information site.

This site has been designed to allow taxpayers the option of viewing their tax bills and of paying over the internet. I hope you will find it to be easy to navigate, helpful, and a time-saver. Please take a moment to explore the site, as there is much useful information, and several helpful links provided for your convenience.
The tax information provided by this site, is updated in real time. Therefore, please be assured that any information you may retrieve from this site, including tax bills, is the same that you would receive if you requested it in person at our office or contacted us by phone.

Daniel T. Powers
Tax Commissioner